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How to purchase a Torrent® Suppressors

The first thing you need to do is determine if suppressor ownership is legal where you live. Currently, the following states allow private ownership of suppressors: AL, AR, AK, AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MI, MO, MS, MT, ND, NE, NV, NH, NM, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WV, and WY. Even if you live in one of these states, you should verify that owning a suppressor is legal in your area.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that they need a “Class 3” license to own a suppressor. This is not true. If you live in a state where suppressor ownership is legal, and you can legally own a firearm, then you can buy a suppressor.

How Should You Register Your New Silencer?

Once you’ve determined that you can legally own a suppressor, you should carefully consider what the best method will be for you to register a suppressor. There are three possible ways to register a suppressor, and each method has its own pros and cons:

  1. Register The Torrent Suppressor In Your Own Name


  • You Can Avoid Initial Work Required To Setup A Trust Or Corporation


  • Only You Can Be In Possession Of The Suppressor
  • Requires Fingerprint Cards And Photos
  • Your Forms Cannot Be Filed Electronically, Which Means They Will Generally Take Quite A Bit Longer To Be Approved

Best For

  • People Who Don’t Plan To Buy A Lot Of NFA Items
  • People Who Just Want To Get The Buying Process Started
  • People Who Always Plan To Be Present When The Suppressor Is In Use
  1. Register The Torrent Suppressor To A Trust


  • Anyone Listed As A Trustee In The Trust Can Be In Possession Of The Suppressor
  • A Revocable Trust Can Be Changed At Any Time Without Notifying The ATF
  • Your Paperwork Can Be Filed Electronically – Which Is Much Faster Than A Paper-Based Submission
  • No Signature Is Required From Chief Law-Enforcement Officer
  • No Fingerprint Cards Are Required
  • You Only Need To Create The Trust Once. The Same Trust Can Be Used For All Future Suppressors Or Other NFA Items (Such As Short Barreled Rifles)


  • Some Initial Work And Cost Is Required To Setup The Trust. Many People Create Their Trust Using Do-It-Yourself Software – The disadvantage to that is you cant ask yourself or software questions.
  • Or You Can Also Talk To A Gun Trust Lawyer Who Will Set It Up For You and they will be available to answer questions as long as they are alive.
  • In Some States, A Trust Needs To Be Registered With The State – Although That Is Not A Requirement In Most Cases.

Best For

  • People With Family Members Who Want To Share Possession Of The Suppressor
  • People Who Want To Go Together With Friends On The Purchase Of A Suppressor
  • People Who Want More Flexibility In The Long Run
  • Anyone Planning On Making Multiple NFA Purchases Who Want To Avoid The Overhead Of Getting The CLEO Signature And Fingerprints Each Time
  • People Who Want To Get Their Approval Faster Using The New Electronic Submissions
  1. Register The Suppressor To A Corporation


  • Any Officer Of The Corporation Can Be In Possession Of The Suppressor
  • If You Already Have A Corporation, This Can Be Easier Than A Trust Since You Will Avoid The Initial Trust Setup
  • Your Paperwork Can Be Filed Electronically – Which Is Much Faster Than a Paper-Based Submission
  • No Signature Is Required from Chief Law-Enforcement Officer
  • No Fingerprint Cards Are Required


  • You Need to Keep Your Corporation in Good Standing, Which Can Be More Work Than A Trust (Which Is Basically A “Create It And Forget About It” Process In Most Cases)

Best For

  • Anyone Who Already Owns a Corporation, And Wants That Corporation to Act as The Owner of The Suppressor
  • Anyone Planning on Making Multiple NFA Purchases Who Want to Avoid the Overhead of Getting the CLEO Signature And Fingerprints Each Time
  • People Who Want to Get Their Approval Faster Using the New Electronic Submissions


Now, you’re ready to buy your new Torrent® Suppressor !

Once you know you can legally own a suppressor, and you know how you’re going to register it, it’s time to go shopping!

The process of actually buying the suppressor online is similar to buying something from Amazon.com, or any other online retailer, with only two major differences:

We can’t ship a suppressor directly to your house (unless you live in Texas). For non-Texas buyers, you will need to provide information for an FFL holder in your state with a Class 2 or 3 SOT that can handle the transfer for you. We can even help you locate an FFL/SOT holder in your area if you don’t already know one.

You won’t be able to take possession of the suppressor until the transfer process has been completed by the ATF. This process can take several months – but most suppressor owners will agree that it’s well worth the wait!


Torrent Suppressors Charges shipping on all products regardless of location includes all in the US Where it is legal to own a NFA item including Alaska.

At this time, Torrent Suppressors is registered ITAR shipper and has an exporter on contract to handle international shipments. We only ship international to dealers and governments not individuals. This is NOT available via web order and you must contact us via email at info@torrentsuppressors.com for further information on international. The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered in this method passes to you the purchaser when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier via the contract exporter.

Torrent Suppressors, usually ships the next business day after products have cleared ATF Form 3 or Form 4 provided they are in stock. All shipments are made using UPS with Delivery Confirmation, UPS Ground. A shipping provider is selected based on size, content & value of the product being shipped at Torrent Suppressors discretion.

Should you require expedited shipping, please contact us first for pricing at info@torrentsuppressors.com

NOTE: INSURANCE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SHIPPING. TO PURCHASE INSURANCE YOU MUST PURCHASE IT WITH YOUR ORDER. Please contact us via email info@torrentsuppressors.com to request an insurance quote.

Shipping to APO’s

Due to ITAR Regulations, Torrent Suppressors will not ship to APOs outside the USA

We proudly support the Members of the US Military deployed around the world, however,  we must fully comply with all United States export control laws and regulations. Under these laws and regulations a shipment for personal use to an APO/FPO that is physically located outside of the United States must be considered an Export, regardless of your military service status, rank, etc.

For further information regarding the applicable laws, regulations, and

policies please contact:


U.S. Department of State

Directorate of Defense Trade Controls

Compliance & Registration Division

2401 E Street NW, SA-1, Room H1200

Washington, DC 20522-0112

DDTC Response Team

Tel.: (202) 663-1282

Website: http://www.pmddtc.state.gov/response_team/index.html

Email: DDTCResponseTeam@state.gov

US Department of State – ITAR



Torrent Suppressors is not responsible for any lost shipments. If you have purchased insured shipping for your order and your shipment is lost, a lost claim will be submitted to the designated shipper.

Please allow up to 30-45 days to process your lost claim with the designated shipper.